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Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Competence IN TRADE

Major International trade

Core 1:Sell products and services

1.1 Execute sales support
1.2 Receive clients and draw up wishes
1.3 Make an offer with quotation
1.4 Make the sale
1.5 Actualize and maintain the client base as well as the company profile

Core 2: Administration and handling of financial transactions
2.1 Planning of administrative tasks
2.2 Control of purchasing records and client contacts
2.3 Making alterations in purchasing records
2.4 Keeping track of payments and appointments
2.5 Handling of invoices and transport documents
2.6 International transportplanning

Core 3: Relation management and customer service
3.1 Maintains pro-actively contact with the client with regards to the order
3.2 Handling of complaints
3.3 Managing and developing relation database
3.4 Draw up and report customer’s buying and travelling patterns.
3.5 Cross-culture management

Core 4: Leading a team of sales representatives
4.1 Planning and dividing of tasks
4.2 Steering co-workers on performance
4.3 Coaching co-workers on development of competences
4.4 Motivating and stimulating collaboration within a team
4.5 Assessing functional and employment positions
4.6 Steering of processes and procedures on the working floor
4.7 Informing and deliberating with personnel

Core 5: Linking of company’s strategy and policy to objectives and actions
5.1 Budget planning and estimations
5.2 Making of a personnel plan
5.3 Recruitment and selection of new employees
5.4 Taking care of marketing and promotion
5.5 Control of Budget
5.6 Analysis of management information
5.7 Reporting to management

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